Professional Learning

Professional Learning

High-quality professional learning helps teachers to continuously improve and maintain their teaching practice and develop their careers.  It is a mandatory component for The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) for meeting Accreditation requirements for all accredited teachers.

Wilcannia-Forbes is diligent in supporting its teachers in developing excellence in pedagogical practice by delivering a diverse range of quality professional learning at both system and school levels. These opportunities cover content that is aligned across the seven  Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

Individual teachers will be responsible for meeting the requirements of the BOSTES and the CEO Accreditation Policy to Work, Teach and Lead in a Diocesan Systemic School. Link to doc. to be added

Planning for professional learning is developmental and informed by research.

Schools develop an annual professional learning plan that takes account of the needs of the staff and the school community and the priorities of the school and the Catholic Education Office.

The Catholic Education Office and schools:

  • promote and implement quality professional learning in collaborative and collegial environments;
  • support the professional learning of staff through the development of policy and the provision of opportunities and a range of resources; and
  • evaluate the impact of professional learning to inform and improve future professional learning.

It is expected that individuals will engage in ongoing professional learning throughout their career. Teachers are also encouraged to pursue and participate in Teacher Identified professional learning outside of our system deliveries that are pertinent to their individual teaching practice development.

All staff in our schools have access to a range of professional development activities. This includes access to the services of support staff at the Catholic Education Office.