Enrolling My Child

Process for Enrolling Children

The following process will be adhered to at St Joseph’s when enrolling children:

  1. Advertisements for new enrolments will be placed in the local newspaper, school newsletter, and parish bulletin every July and August. An information session about the school may also be held during August.
  2. Enrolment forms will be made available from the school office.
  3. Parents complete and sign the Application for Enrolment.
  4. The principal (and parish priest, if required) interview the parents.
  5. The agreement of the parish priest will be required before the enrolment of a non-catholic child.
  6. Notification of enrolment will usually be sent to parents by the end of Term 3.
  7. At least 75% of children enrolled in the school are to be Catholic. This may vary with the endorsement of the Parish Priest.
  8. In Term 4, the children enrolled in Kindergarten will attend an orientation program.