The correct school uniform should be worn at all times, in order to maintain the standard and tone of the school. If for any reason, a child is unable to wear any part of the correct uniform, a note should be sent to the school.

Parents who have difficulty securing uniforms for their children may like to make this known to the Principal or the office staff who will arrange some help.

Summer Uniform:


  • Green and gold checked school dress made with set sleeves.
  • Brown sandals
  • Gold/green ribbons or school material scrunchies
  • Green school hat.


  • Light gold shirt, grey shorts
  • Brown sandals or black shoes
  • Green school hat.
Winter Uniform:


  • Light gold blouse,
  • Green crew neck sloppy joe with school crest,
  • Green and gold pleated pinafore
  • Green stockings or tights or long green socks
  • Green and gold ribbons or scrunchies
  • Black shoes
  • Green slacks are permitted.


  • Light gold shirt,
  • Green crew neck sloppy joe with school crest,
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes.

Winter uniforms should be worn from May 1st each year, but due to the unpredictable temperature at this time a transition period will apply two weeks from this date. It is compulsory, therefore for winter uniform to be worn from 15th May until the end of Term 3. Children must commence Term 4 in summer uniform.

Sports Uniform:


  • Gold monogrammed T-shirt,
  • Green sports briefs(optional),
  • Green pleated skirt or shorts
  • White sports socks
  • Sandshoes or joggers.


  • Gold monogrammed T-shirt,
  • Green shorts
  • White socks
  • Sandshoes or joggers.

On colder days, green tracksuit pants and a sloppy joe may be worn.
Apart from sports days, joggers are not to be worn at school.


The School hat is an essential item of school uniform

We enforce a NO GREEN HAT .. NO PLAY policy in our school. As noted in our School Policy, school hats are green.


This is to be kept to a minimum. Studs or simple sleepers are acceptable. No necklaces or bracelets are necessary. Watches are permitted.

Art Smock

In order to avoid unnecessary cleaning of uniforms, all children are required to wear an art smock or shirt whilst participating in art activities.


School uniform items are available from The White Picket Store. School Jackets and hats are available at the School Office. There are some second-hand uniforms available from the clothing pool. This is a voluntary service run by a parent. Please check with the office regarding opening days.