Our Catholic Identity

History of St Joseph’s

In response to the needs of the Catholic Community of Condobolin and the Lachlan Shire, the first school was established by Bishop Byrne in 1889. The School was opened in Orange Lane with 61 pupils. The school was staffed by Sisters of St Joseph (Black Josephites).

In 1926 a new school was built on the corner of Molong and Napier Streets and staffed by the Sisters of St Joseph (Brown Josephites).

In 1935 the Catholic High School was opened by Bishop Fox and staffed by the Sisters of Mercy who arrived in Condobolin in 1929. The primary and secondary school thrived under the leadership of Priests and Sisters of Mercy, but towards the end of the 1980s drought, educational trends and resources saw the school decline in numbers.

In the early part of 2004 fires destroyed much of the school infrastructure. The Parish Priest at the time, Rev Fr. D. Doyle, resolved to establish a new school on the corner of Molong and William Streets.

The new complex was opened in May 2005 with over 100 students and a dynamic group of teaching and administrative staff.

As a school community, we recall with gratitude the faith and dedication of the pioneer priests, sisters, teachers, and parents of the Catholic Community, who laboured tirelessly to provide Catholic Education and Christian traditions which we express and value today.

Sharing Our Story

The Catholic Education Office document ‘Sharing our Story’ is implemented in each classroom and Religious Education is integrated totally into everyday life in the school. It governs all contact between community members as we strive to promote the dignity of each person and create a faith community, which reflects God’s love.

Daily prayer and regular liturgies are crucial dimensions of our Religious Education Program.

Sacramental Programs

As the family is the faith setting where the child experiences his/her sacramental life, all of our sacramental programs (Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation) are family-based. The parish sets the timetable for the three sacramental programs each year and invites each family to respond to the programs offered on behalf of each child. The family, in consultation with the parish, decides when each child is ready to be prepared for, and receive each sacrament for the first time. At the year level, the school, as part of its Religious Education Program, takes the child through the Scriptural basis of each sacrament and how it has evolved over the centuries.