Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes

Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green

My dear Friends in Christ 

I welcome you to Catholic Education Wilcannia-Forbes. 

Catholic Education in the Diocese has a rich history dating back to the birth of our diocese in 1887. It is thanks to the dedicated Clergy, Religious Brothers and Sisters and the generosity of the Lay Faithful of our Parishes that Catholic Education could be made possible. For this I pay tribute to them for their committed mission to lay the foundations of Catholic Education in the diocese.   

The diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes is a vast diocese that encompasses a wide range of communities that vary in needs. Our Parish Schools have always been at the heart of these communities offering an education grounded in faith, learning and a spirit of transformation of each child in Jesus Christ.  

In 2018, Pope Francis said at an address given in Rome that Catholic education gives “Soul to the world” and that Catholic education aids in the transforming of our current age. I, as the Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes, know that our Parish Schools in the diocese adhere to the Pope’s words and I believe that our Parish Schools across the diocese give “Soul” to our communities and aid in transforming not only our children’s lives, but the lives of families and the community as a whole.  

Our Parish Schools offer a process of learning that respects the dignity of each child and are committed to learning that is spiritual, influential, challenging and engaging which enables each child to discover the love of God that is revealed in Christ, proclaimed by the Church which fosters a life that is dedicated to the Gospel mission of love, justice, compassion and peace. 

I am very proud of our Parish Schools in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes and give thanks for our dedicated Parishes, staff and families that make up our life giving schools who ensure that the education of our children is of the highest excellence. 

Yours in Christ 

The Most Reverend Columba Macbeth-Green OSPPE DD

Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes