Accreditation to Work, Teach and Lead in Catholic Education

Our Catholic Education Office (CEO) and schools are communities of faith, learning and
transformation founded upon the person of Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life,
where the Gospel is proclaimed and lived within the communion and the rich Tradition of
the Catholic Church.

To be an authentically Catholic system of schools, it is necessary for the staff and
leadership of the system to be deeply immersed in the Catholic faith and tradition. Staff
cannot share what they do not have. Therefore, Catholic Education Wilcannia-Forbes
aspires to offer a suite of opportunities for staff to explore and deepen their spirituality,
both as individuals and as communities.

As part of the ongoing accreditation requirements, all Catholic school teachers, leaders
and CEO staff require ongoing professional development opportunities in faith and
spiritual formation. The CEO is here to support all staff in fulfilling these requirements and
assist them in their personal faith formation.

In line with all Dioceses in New South Wales, there are five levels of accreditation:


Level AAccreditation to Work in a Catholic School and Catholic Education, Diocese of
Wilcannia-Forbes (all staff)
Level BAccreditation to Teach in a Catholic School (all teaching staff)
Level CSubsumed within Level E Accreditation as there are no positions of
Religious Leadership currently available at Level C in the Diocese of Wilcannia
Level DAccreditation to Teach Religious Education
Level EAccreditation for School Leaders and CEO Leadership