What happens when things go wrong

Within the reality of the schooling experience, it is recognised that, from time to time, misunderstandings and differences of opinion will occur, and that these need to be resolved satisfactorily.

Complaints resolution is most effective at the school level.

Confidentiality, access, dignity, and impartiality form the basis of the school’s complaints resolution process.

A parent’s approach, when their child has difficulty at school, makes a difference to their resilience and their future relationships with teachers and peers.

If your child experiences difficulty at school:

Stay calm and rational
Take your time to think through how you might assist your child.

Get all facts
Ask your child reasonable questions to help the full story emerge.

Assess the Situation
Often problems can be dealt with at home, simply by talking through an issue and giving kids some common sense tips to help them cope.

Follow the Protocol
If the problem persists, make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss the issue. Approach the school calmly.

Look for solutions
Talk with the teacher about your concerns and keep the discussion focused firmly on 
what’s best for your child. Listen to your teacher’s viewpoint, valuing a different perspective.

Keep Communicating
Be prepared to continue to work with your child’s teacher.

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