Application Forms

Welcome to the application process for positions within Catholic Education Wilcannia-Forbes. Please find the following forms to apply for various roles:

This form is specifically designed for educators interested in teaching positions within our schools. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or an aspiring teacher passionate about shaping young minds, this application will help us get to know you better.

Are you looking to contribute your skills and expertise in various roles supporting our educational mission? This application form is for individuals interested in non-teaching positions within our organisation. From administrative roles to support staff, we value diverse talents that drive our schools forward.

Our payroll forms for the Catholic Education Workforce (CEWF) ensure smooth and efficient processing of payments. These forms are essential for all employees to complete to ensure accurate compensation for your valuable contributions.

Important Note for Applicants:
We encourage you to carefully review the instructions within each form and complete them accurately. Your application is a crucial step in joining our dedicated community committed to nurturing learning and growth.

Should you have any inquiries or need assistance during the application process, please contact