Frequently asked Questions for parents/carers

How will online learning impact on my child’s education?

While the virtual classroom environment will be new for some students, students in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes already have some experience working online.

To further prepare for potential home-based learning, teachers have been increasing the use of online and printable materials in the event of a widespread or prolonged disruption to normal school operations.

This will ensure a smoother transition for both teachers and students in the event that this is enacted.

The CEO has a dedicated website for schools and teachers, and schools will be enhancing their own online learning platforms. Curriculum resources that align with the NSW curriculum will be provided. Students will be engaged in a range of activities to continue their learning and will be guided by their teachers via platforms such as Google Classroom or alternatively using hardcopy materials.

Will parents be required to educate their children while they are away from school?

Should schools need to support ongoing learning for students at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans will be implemented to support home-based learning. Parental/carer supervision, including supervision of online activities, will depend on the age, capability and type of learning tasks the student is undertaking.

If at-home learning is required, schools will provide parents and carers with guidance on appropriate learning activities.

My child does not have access to a printer or the internet, how can they participate in online learning?

For students and families who do not have access to the internet or printers, schools will make a paper ‘offline’ option available upon request.

Teachers will work with families in this situation to ensure the student is not disadvantaged.

What about NAPLAN?

All NAPLAN testing has been cancelled for 2020.

Will this mean that all students will have to repeat the grade next year?

No. If alternative home-based learning (through paper-based, virtual and online curriculum delivery) is required for part of the school year, assessment and reporting will take into account the widespread disruption in learning. Although the full impact of COVID-19 cannot yet be predicted, there is no plan for widespread ‘repeating’ of Year levels.

Health and wellbeing

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  3. Australian Government – Department of Health
  4. Coping during Coronavirus –

Learning and Teaching Advice for Parents

Learning Advice for our parents

What are “essential workers”?

Essential workers are all workers who are required to attend their place of work to carry out their duty.  The term is not limited to emergency services and health workers.

What defines “vulnerable children”?

The Department of Education defines vulnerable children to include those in out of home care or under a child safety or juvenile justice order. Vulnerable children are to be accommodated if they seek access to schools under the current arrangements. Schools may wish to consider including other groups of vulnerable children in this category depending on local circumstances.